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Rogue Mettle works with visionary leaders like you to create magnetic brands and profitable online marketing.

Work with us & create a cohesive strategy to grow your community and position you as the leader of your industry.

You have a vision, ensure it gets shared with the world.

Logos & Brand Design

Get help picking a great name, defining your brand and who you want to be in the world. We can create a logo, visual style, voice, and brand identity that meets your business goals.

Websites & Social Media

To succeed online, you need more than just a website and basic social media. Ensure your online presence is magnetic to your audience
and  brings you revenue.

Marketing Strategy

There’s a talent to building community out of your digital assets. We’ve got it down to a science. Leverage our strategic insights to grow and nurture your customer base.

YOUR “handle it” dream team

The Rogue Mettle Guarantee

You’ve got more important things to do with your time than muddle around on social media.

It’s hard when you have a big vision and an endless to-do list. Visionaries can find themselves bogged down with all the bits necessary to have a truly successful online brand, and that just crushes the creative process, amirite?

Instead, let’s imagine what it’s like to work with Rogue Mettle on your project. You and I take some time to get the big picture on your vision. It might seem like what you “need next” is a website, or better social media – but there’s no website in the world that can grow your business if you’re not taking into account the end game.

After exploring your goals, your peers and influencers, where your business currently stands, your customers and your industry… we’re off to the races. We have (for the most part) everything we need to chart a truly extraordinary map of opportunity for your company to grow. While Rogue is creating your brand, growing your audience and marketing your products & services – you can get back to doing what you do best.

You get recurring check-ins on your project – keeping you on top of progress, reviewing next actions, finalizing and approving your marketing, and proper data reporting to validate your marketing return on investment.

We’re more than super creative powerhouses over here, we’re hardcore fans of turning marketing efforts into real money.

Just wait, there’s more…

The truth is, a great brand is deeper than just a logo and visual style. We can actually keep you on track with your key objectives throughout the year. Our advisory services have helped new entrepreneurs get their strategy refined, their marketing on fleek, and their sales funnel full of primo customers.

The truth is, we’re serious about helping you grow your venture into a real success and we offer EXACTLY what you need to get it done. 

We guarantee that in just one conversation, we’ll give you immediate opportunities you can take to make progress – with or without us!

So, let’s talk about your dream, shall we?


We’re ready when you are.

Starlight has easily been one of the most contributing success factors to my organization as a company as well as client outreach.  She is well organized, well spoken, and extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise.  That area, albeit a very large one, includes design, printing, social media strategy, clientele outreach, and website building.

I hesitate to even list what she has helped me with only because it may place her in a box when this woman just can’t be contained.  Her willingness to help and her prompt responses are a breath of fresh air in the industry and one that I will not be letting go of.  If you are looking for someone to help in multiple ways, I cannot stress how highly I recommend Starlight Mundy.

Chris Sayegh

Head Chef & Founder, The Herbal Chef

Meet Our Rogue Leader

Hello! My name is Starlight. (Yes, really.)

I’m the rebel spirit behind Rogue Mettle.  I’m a big fan of people who’d like to change the world. Whether they are writing books that change an industry, creating a company that challenges the status-quo, product makers that defy the norm, or leaders with extraordinary impact – change makers are my birds of a feather.

I help visionaries, entrepreneurs, and business owners position themselves as the thought-leaders of their domain. I make it possible for creators to stay focused on their marvelous creations while top-quality marketing helps their business grow. From the fundamental steps of conveying who you want to be in the world,  to your visual and online identity, all the way through a strategic plan to grow a successful venture – your goals become my success metrics.

I believe “every one for themself” is a shit way to live, and an even worse way to run a business. The companies I work with are actively growing and nurturing supportive communities around their ventures. Our strategies at Rogue Mettle are targeted to include industry influencers and your biggest fans. (If you need allies and some good old fashioned strength in numbers, we’ll show you where to find them.)

Partnering with Rogue Mettle means you get to experience what it’s like to have a cheerleader in your corner, a badass on your branding efforts and a superhero craft your marketing strategy.

In short, you’ve come to the right place. 

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Yo, for reals? I’m stoked. If you’re reading these words that means you are READY to make some real magic happen. Welcome. Let’s get it going, yeah?

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Our Guarantee: You get immediately applicable, best actions for your business that you can do – with or without us. (That’s right.)

Get real brand, marketing, and customer advice so you take your next steps with total confidence.

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