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You’re Ready For The Next Big Step

And the help you need to take it to the next level is here.

When you sit down to assess the next stages for your business, knowing how to take the next best steps can be overwhelming & discouraging. Perhaps you’ve had a few false starts, you’ve had trouble with freelancers over lack of clarity. and you’ve tried launching but it wasn’t as effective as you’d hoped.

You want the “must know details” so you can get your business where you need to be. When you run into struggles, you want to have a badass in your corner who can hand hold you through the technical bits, cut through the excess of advice and wasted efforts, supporting your journey without sacrificing your authenticity and vision.

You’ve found it. Rogue Mettle offers profound guidance so that you can get unstuck and make progress alongside an expert who understands your vision and can bring it into reality.


You have a vision, ensure it gets shared with the world.

Hi, my name is Starlight. (Yes, really.)

I help thought-leaders & visionaries who are bogged down in the details of taking their project to the next level.  I help them trailblaze a path through the confusion, get back to doing what they love, and see their vision become reality.

My ability to break complicated systems and strategies into understandable pieces is why my clients come back over and over for more.

With 10+ years of expertise in helping visionary entrepreneurs bring their talents to the world, I can help you make a real leap forward, putting you back on track. This isn’t cookie-cutter guidance like “post on social media every day” – this is a personalized action and systems setup list that will make a real impact in YOUR business, towards YOUR goals, and amplifying YOUR vision.

In short, you’ve come to the right place. 

Starlight has easily been one of the most contributing success factors to my organization as a company as well as client outreach.  She is well organized, well spoken, and extremely knowledgeable in her area of expertise.  That area, albeit a very large one, includes design, printing, social media strategy, clientele outreach, and website building. I hesitate to even list what she has helped me with only because it may place her in a box when this woman just can’t be contained.  Her willingness to help and her prompt responses are a breath of fresh air in the industry and one that I will not be letting go of.  If you are looking for someone to help in multiple ways, I cannot stress how highly I recommend Starlight Mundy.
Chris Sayegh

Founder & Creator, The Herbal Chef

Here’s what I know…

with the right guidance, you are unstoppable.


You meet with your personal strategist and work through the essential steps in your journey together.

You have your questions answered, with an expert in your corner, you’re getting indispensable guidance that is designed for the sort of business you want to create – something truly spirit led.

You are crystal clear on your goals, define and design products and services that are magnetic to your favorite people.

You are steadily implementing your vision, seeing it grow and become reality. Your mission is supported by a thoughtful, authentic and sustainable community.

You’ve got a tech and marketing whiz holding your hand through each step.

There are automated systems in place running the essential, but boring parts of your operation.

Starlight’s total command of this digital marketing age and the technology it entails is astounding! She did such an amazing job for us, I want her for myself full time! She is miles ahead of the herd…

Steve aka Mr. Wonderful

Founder & Creator, Greensticks Botanicals

Get Unstuck.

The answers you need, so you can get it done.

You’re circling your idea considering and preparing for the next big step. Figuring out exactly how to make the next step work is driving you crazy, and it’s crushing the hell out of your inspiration. 

Get back to doing what you love. I can help. 

Join @starlight on Clubhouse for 🚀 Breakthrough Sessions: Strategic trailblazing for leaders & entrepreneurs. Need an invite? DM me.

Get the guidance you need so you take your next steps with total confidence.

Let me start by saying that when I met Starlight–I was completely starting from scratch, quitting a career I was disheartened with, and embarking on my first entrepreneurial endeavor.

Her coaching package helped with every aspect of starting my new business. She included creative worksheets that helped me to brainstorm a name for my brand. I was able to envision a very specific idea of who my target client was with her help. I was genuinely inspired by doing the brand-building exercises she provided! She guided me in regards to authentic social media involvement, which had a huge impact on my online visibility.

Above all, her materials and one-on-one meetings supported me in creating a current, attainable vision for my company, while building the foundation for an expansive future.

Now, I know this may seem like quite a bit, but I truly look back at the start of my business and wonder just how messy the process would’ve been without her. If you’re looking for guidance in brand-building, marketing, and a shift towards a creative, yet business-driven attitude, look no further.

Nikki Rae Bose

Yoga Studio Owner, reUnify Yoga

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