A sample of the Cultivate Lighting cannabis branding efforts - including brand, website and flyer designs.


A complete branding & strategy package for a new green industry player.

An emerging company in the grow space, National Bright Lighting (NBL)  – a long time established American-made, LED technology company – wanted to target the exploding industrial grow industry, but needed a complete overhaul of their brand to compete.

Rogue Mettle was tasked to create, from top to bottom – a new brand division under the NBL umbrella.With zero immersion in the cannabis space, we helped them explore the industry space, define their marketing strategy and unique selling proposition. We created CULTIVATE Lighting from the ground up – starting by researching the industry to find an appropriate division name & identifying their market opportunities.

The project included the complete brand identity, customer & market research, industry specific data & analytics, online presence, an eCommerce website, printed assets, product videos and expo booth designs that is targeted to their key customers – commercial grow developers.