Work With Me

I work with thought-leaders, and visionary entrepreneurs bringing their heart-led mission to the world. My clients are creators, coaches, healers, authors, educators and community leaders. 

My clients need a badass in their corner who champions their vision and connects the big picture to this moment – trailblazing a path through the confusion. They have big plans, and they know they can’t go it alone.

I offer mentorship and strategic guidance for entrepreneurs and creators who want to stand apart, who are living in bold way, and feel compelled to bring their big idea to the world. 

I help…

New entrepreneurs get help defining their brand, establishing their vision and building their idea into a cohesive business.

Established entrepreneurs take a vision to the next level launching their private community, book, service, program, app or product with a strategy for growth.

Experienced entrepreneurs get the experienced guidance they need they focus on expansion – with strategies to amplify their mission, establish their legacy and make worldwide impact.

Let’s work together. 


Breakthrough Session

The answers you need, so you can get it done.

You know how fantastic a fresh idea can be… it comes on with a bolt of inspiration, the concepts start flowing… the opportunities and connections are so clear! Later, when you sit down to pull all the bits and pieces together – the digital services, the right strategy – the whole idea starts to lose its shine and inspiration under all of the details.   Figuring out exactly how to make the next step work is driving you crazy, and frankly, it’s crushing the hell out of your inspiration. 

Get back to doing what you love. I can help. 

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